How to Stake Cardano

Keep your money in your wallet. No lock-up period. Earn interest. All while unlocking Cardano that's donated to

"It's as easy as 1-2-3!"


Get a wallet

Many Cardano wallets are compatible with staking. For this tutorial, we will use Yoroi Wallet which is a light wallet that combines security and mobility and can be used on most mobile devices. Download and follow in-app instructions to create a wallet.

Select image above for wallet setup screenshots


Send Funds to Wallet

Send ADA (₳) to your newly created wallet. If you do not have ADA, no worries. ADA is readily available on most crypto exchanges like Coinbase and Binance. You can simply sign up, buy ADA and send to the address in your Yoroi or other Cardano wallet that you are using for staking.


Delegate to AdaKids!

Goto the Staking Center in the app and search for "Adakids" Then press the "Delegate" button. It's that easy! Note that the Cardano network charges a 2 fee plus normal transaction fee (currently about 0.3) for delegating a stake to any stake pool.

Congrats and welcome to the AdaKids [BAR]!